After nearly 40 years of working with stone, I have come to a place where my studio, equipment, employees and income allow me to produce large scale sculptures that represent the essence of stone and crystallize my beliefs about sculpture.

Unlike many of my contemporaries, I choose to work in stone rather than bronze. I find that each stone piece is unique. I can get textures that have the natural feel of the hand, carving rather than modeling, and I can achieve colors and rhythms via the organic qualities of stone, which cannot be achieved in castings.


The Western Rockies and their spectacular rock formations have given rise to this series of landscape sculptures that are essentially geologic. I am making these stone sculptures about the elements of nature which surround me in my life, reflecting my environment. I have become fascinated with translating the rhythms and textures of the mountains into stone. I enjoy working with this subject matter in this monumental scale. It suits my equipment and temperament.

After years of carving, dealing with anatomy issues, architectural commissions and smaller pieces about my relationships and spiritual beliefs, I find making these larger, impressionistic works liberating and fun.

I have been truly blessed to have the right materials, great men in the quarries and saw sheds with whom I have long-standing relationships, my own trusted employees in my shop, and my very special and supportive wife, Emery.

I have had many wonderful sculpture customers across the nation whose purchases have enabled me to further explore the sculptural possibilities that lead me in the directions that feel most natural and interesting to me. My relationships with various galleries and museums have been very rewarding and flattering, and I look forward to producing more work with many varied outlets for exhibition.

I have enjoyed the challenges and the communication with my clients about site-specific works. I feel an important part of the process is my personal involvement in the installation of my larger pieces. It completes the experience for my buyers, and myself, if I remain involved from the inception of the idea for the sculpture through its installation.

I have commenced work on six large pieces, ranging from 4 feet to 8 feet tall. Prices range from $40,000 to $80,000 for my major works, with smaller pieces starting at $6,000. I am also working on a monumental five-piece sculpture, which will be approximately 30 feet in length.

Thank you for your interest. If you are intrigued by existing sculptures or have site-specific needs, please contact us.